Thursday, March 23, 2017

Chui Huay Lim TeoChew Restaurant

I don't have a lot of things to comment about this restaurant except one word : AMAZING. 

They serve amazing TeoChew food! Enough said, let the pictures do the talking. 

I apologise i do not know the exact name of the dishes as they were ordered based on Chef's recommendation. 

But typically those are the things i eat when i patronise Chui Huay Lim. Jumbo has a pretty good standard of food so i'm not surprise that Chui Huay Lim serves pretty good food too! 

Address: 190 Keng Lee Rd, #01-02 Chui Huay Lim Club, 308409 


Tuesday, March 14, 2017

味香园甜品 Wei Xiang Yuan @ Chinatown Singapore

Mei Heong Yuan Dessert has been around in Singapore for many years. And surprisingly i have never tried their dessert before >< , until last week. Not really much of a Chinatown person because i tend to avoid crowds and outdoor area. lol. yeah.. I'm missing out so much! 

Their price is pretty affordable and i couldn't wait to try them! 

Almond Black Glutinous Rice SGD4.00. so cheap!!! 
Rating: 3.5/5  

Coconut Pudding: SGD3.00. 
VERY CHEAP and the portion is quite big too! The flavour is good but i do feel it has too much coconut in it. The last few bites felt very overwhelming due to the intense flavour. If lesser coconut in it, the taste will be more balance. 
Rating: 4/5 

Mango Roll SGD3.50 
Again, i can't emphasize on how affordable this is! The mango is sweet and cut nicely into big cube size. My only comment is the skin. It does taste a bit 'hard'? I don't know the exact words to describe it but i feel the skin should be softer and have more rice flavour! 
Rating: 4/5

Sesame Snow Ice SGD5.50 
For this price and this flavour, i am very impressed haha. It doesn't taste like shave ice at all. It's texture is slightly creamy like ice cream and has deep sesame flavour in it. Overall very impress. 
Rating: 4.9/5 

My overall comment: SUPER WORTH IT! 

                       ADDRESS:   No. 63 - 67 Temple Street  Singapore 058611


                       TELEPHONE: 6221 1156

                       OPERATING HOURS: 12PM to 9.30PM (TUESDAY TO SUNDAY)

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Haircut @ APGUJEONG HAIR STUDIO | Honest Review

Two weeks ago, i wanted to trim my hair and tried the new hair salon, Apgujeong Hair Studio, in Jem at Jurong East. They heavily advertise that they are Korean Hair Salon, which means must be nice right? Like Kpop... Or at least decent haircut. 

I went in, paid $48 and got a senior korean hair stylist to cut my hair. Ok i just want to go in straight to my conclusion: I HATE MY HAIRCUT. 

I was about to cry LOL. Firstly, she couldn't really understand my English. Secondly, my blow dry hair style was very curl and it makes me look like 30 years old. I am very used to a C curl, not a full curl. SUPER UGLY. Lastly, i just wanted to trim my hair NOT CUT SHORT. Aiya i don't know what she did la. Can you imagine i was pissed off the whole entire week because of my hair cut? 

Let me show you: 

I don't understand this. Someone can enlighten me??? Is this the most in korean hair cut that i don't know of? My hair look fking messed up. Looks like an octopus. I WANT TO CRY. 

After a week, i really cannot tahan it so i went back to the hair salon at JEM, PRO TRIM, that i did the other time and asked them to save me. 

Lisa cut my hair last time and i asked her to help me again this time. 


Have to cut short it because of the damage incurred. I was growing long hair initially okay??!!! Now i have to regrow them. 

And Lisa gave me a beautiful C curl afterwards. Everything just looks so much better now and i'm really loving my current haircut. Thank you!!! 

So my honest review???? You can go to other Apgujeong Hair Studio in other outlets BUT DEFINITELY NOT THE ONE IN JEM. Or at least NOT THE SENIOR KOREAN HAIR STYLIST that cut my hair. I think it is also a bit of my fault. She asked me if i wanted to layer. I told her to layer a bit. But i don't know why she layer until like this. I was really sad. Ok, i shall end my post here. xx 

Hydraboost Treatment @ CSK Laser Aesthetics Clinics| Honest Review

Hi everyone! Last week, i decided to try out Aesthetic treatment instead of going for a traditional facial treatment. I have been eyeing on CSK Laser Aesthetics Clinics since they opened in West Gate at Jurong East. Seems legit and trustworthy, plus they have premier outlets in Orchard as well.

I booked for a hydraboost treatment. This treatment has 3 machines: the first is to remove dead skin, the second is to insert vitamin C into your skin and the last is for hydrating purpose where they did it with aloe vera.

The vitamin C was what caught me because i'm really into fair skin! haha.

Secretly took some quick pictures of the clinic. 

Ok let me share the whole process. When i reached the clinic, i was persuaded to do the Lazar whitening treatment with the hydraboost treatment. So a total of 4 machines. I'm a first timer so i get to do the trial treatment. Lazar whitening was $68 and hydraboost was $68 too. And i wasn't ready to pay anything more than $100 ! Then... the staff reduced the price and said i can do both treatments at $98 (before GST). Which means the Lazar whitening was only at $30. 

If you buy package for the hydraboost treatment, it was about $980 (think before GST) for a total of 8 sessions (this is inclusive of 2 free sessions for u). But let's just count it as $980 for 8 sessions. There's no free lunch in this world. 

So...I was like ok since its just another $30, i will do it. The whole treatment was performed by the staff, not a doctor. 



Lazar whitening - This is not a laser treatment. It is LAZAR. (i don't know if i spell it correctly but u read it as La-sa. The machine emits a red light that is said to make your skin fair. No pain at all. Its just like red light shooting into your face. 

Hydraboost Treatment Machine 1: removal of dead skin - The machine produces a kind of sound that resembles a dolphin voice? Its goes like "" when it touches your skin. No pain for this too. 

Hydraboost Treatment Machine 2: Vitamin C - Fuck this is the most painful machine i ever tried. OMG. You feel like someone punched onto your face and you feel really dizzy when the machine touches your forehead. Your gum feels super sensitive when it touches your chin. It is not so painful on the cheeks. I was like "omg. so painful! Why is Vitamin C so painful?!!" Then again i thought about the outcome = fair skin, and i just clenched my fist and let the machine torture my face. 

Hydraboost Treatment Machine 3: Aloe Vera for Hydrating Purpose - Not pain at all. Its just a cool machine that goes around your face after putting on aloe vera on your face. 

Last Step: A MASK 

All in all the whole process took about 50 minutes. There was no extractions, although you can always add more money for this part. 

And now comes my honest review: 

I was very eager to see my face after the facial.

Here is a picture of my face during the facial: 
Looks good hor? But really its cause the lighting was good la. haha. 

I looked into the mirror again after my treatment. Hmm... honestly no much difference leh. Felt the same and my skin felt dry after the treatment too, even though they did the aloe vera thing which was supposed to hydrate my face. To be fair my skin is dry type, so i'm not saying that this treatment will make your skin dry. 

I thought the effect might kick in a later while more? So i waited till the next day to see the effect. Again, not much difference. Just slightly lighter? Or maybe this is just a placebo effect? 

Honestly i think the traditional facial treatment is better for my skin as they do extractions as well. But then again if i had done the extractions in CSK clinic, the outcome might be better? 

Guys, this is your call whether to try this treatment or not. Also to be fair maybe the effect can only be seen after a few tries. If you ask me, i won't buy this package. Firstly, the Vitamin C was really painful. Secondly, the steps are really simple (cleanse, machine, mask). But they have already mentioned that there is no steaming and no extractions as this is an Aesthetic treatment. Thirdly, my skin feels dry after the treatment. 

So conclusion, i like this clinic but i won't do this treatment again. There are many other treatments in their service menu. Maybe i should try the skinbooster treatment? Just a heads up for you guys. In the menu, it says skinbooster trial only at $198. But that's $198 (for the ingredient) +  another $100 (for the needle) for one time. But i think the skinbooster will really make a difference to your skin. Hyaluronic acid is inserted right into your face. I'm very tempted to try this! Will do a review if i do this. 

And that's it guys. This sums up my honest review for Hydraboost treatment in CSK clinic. 


Sunday, January 8, 2017

TungLok at Vivocity

If thinking of a place to celebrate your parents' birthday, i recommend dining at TungLok at Vivocity. I wanna praise their effort for the happy birthday poem written in Chinese calligraphy. We ordered 6 pieces of 'shou bao' (longevity bun) and brought a birthday cake along. They actually arrange them beautifully on a big plate!!! The Chinese calligraphy is hand-written and its gorgeous!

It was out of my expectation. haha. Not to mention that their food was also delicious! Overall meal cost was $220 (after 20% discount). Their chilli crab is different from Jumbo Seafood. Tunglok's is spicier and sweeter. The only dish i wont recommend is Black Pepper Chilli Crab because its slightly sweeter than the usual black pepper crab we eat. It is cooked with red pepper and the black pepper sauce is thick and kinda resembles the one which can be purchased at NTUC. Other than that, everything else is good!

Ok time to go! Ciao~!

Wednesday, December 7, 2016


Hello Lovely People!

I'm back for another review! This time round i'm sharing with you an amazing product that i found through the youtube-mosphere. lol. A lot of youtubers such as Tati and Kathleen had raved about this before. After being psycho-ed by them, i decided to try it myself too.

As you can read from the title (obviously), its the RCMA No Colour Powder! Said to be similar to the pricey Laura Mercier's translucent powder (which i also have), it really does what it's said. Actually i find the RCMA powder to be slightly better than LM's translucent powder.

Ok hold on let me introduce what's the No Color Powder about - Set your makeup like the pros with this cult-classic invisible setting powder. Used on set by Hollywood makeup artists for years, RCMA No Color Powder sweeps seamlessly over skin, locking in a soft-focus finish that stays comfortably matte all day. (copied from 

What it does: 
  • Keep your makeup fresh and flawless for hours with no caking, creasing, ashiness, or breakthrough shine
  • Pigment-free formula blends smoothly over all skin tones and makeup products without altering color or texture
  • Blurs fine lines, pores, and imperfections with a silky, ultra-fine blend of talc and silica
  • (copied from
And basically the above described is what i want to say. haha. After i put on a little foundation + concealer, i set it with no color powder. It immediately sort of blurs my imperfection and my skin looks like baby skin. I'm so fking serious about this. I also tried using this powder straight away without putting on foundation. Although the result is not as perfect as with a foundation, but it really hides my imperfections. 

However, just a word of reminder: My skin has improved a lot since the last breakout. No red and big pimples and no deep scars. (read my acne journey here) Overall, my skin is pretty smooth. Thus the powder can hide my little imperfections perfectly. 

What are my imperfections? 
Before i put on no color powder, i have: 
- uneven skin tone
- slightly shine + oil face 
- slight yellowish dull dark face 

After i put on no color powder, i have: 
- more even skin tone 
- kind of matifies my skin but feel leaving my face non-cakey 
- becomes fairer and smoother 

It's like magic la. I'm not sure if i'm exaggerating here or not but i'm very confident that this is a good product overall. Plus, it is so affordable!!! 

My face doesn't go cakey nor does it makes my skin dry or whatsoever. It sits on my face very nicely. 

Erm hmm, word of reminder again: Due to me applying face oil every day, it has most probably help my skin to be smoother & allows makeup products to sit on it much better + longer without going cakey. A makeup artist was putting on foundation on my skin and she commented that the product is so easy to blend on my face. 'haha cause my face is smooth mah :D.' 

Oh! And i don't cake up my face with powder (i.e. i don't bake my face). I pour about 1 dollar coin size of powder out to my balm, gently dap it with a kabuki brush and gently distribute on my face. 

If you are also looking for a finishing powder, i highly recommend you to try this product. It is affordable and it has a lot of good reviews too. Thus, no harm trying (before you decide to burn your pocket with a Laura Mercier Translucent Powder). 

Rate: 5/5
Price: 12USD (around 18 SGD)
Where i buy: 
(i spent more than 78USD to get free international shipping)

And that's it for now. Thank you so much for reading. Till then! xx

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Finding a job in Singapore (part 2)

When i was actively looking for a job, i felt demoralised when no company called me for an interview. In my mind i was thinking, "Why?! Am i really this bad?" "Ok, they just don't know how good i am base on my resume." It was also the time when i realised having work experience is so important.

In almost every job description, companies will need at least 1-2yr work experience candidates. So difficult for fresh graduates please! But anyway, i applied all the jobs that i'm interested in irregardless of number of years experience needed. 

And here starts my story..... 

After realising that my first resume sucks, i modified it by getting a nice resume template from the internet (i actually paid $5 to buy a resume template from lol) And then i began making it look more "professionalised".

Things that i include in my resume: 
1. My Full Name
2. My Home Address at the side (Some HR will see if your home location is near their office location as a consideration)
3. My telephone number, email address at the side
4. My resume photo (i didn't have a professional resume photo. I simply put a decent selfie photo. But this depends on the industry u r applying.)
5. Work Experience
6. Education
7. Interest
8. Skills
9. Languages
10. References

If you are certified in some skills, please include.

Writing the description of your work experience is the most time consuming part. I wrote it in point form, starting with words like "Was given the responsibility to ..." "Handling of...." "Provide administration support for...." "Work closely with..." "Was trusted to..." etc.

My skills are: Microsoft Words, Excel, Powerpoint, Oracle Siebel CRM, iMovie, Photoshop, Fashiongps.

To be honest, i think most of the HR have no time to read your lengthy cover letter. So I didn't include cover letter after applying the first few jobs. It took me such a long time to read one cover letter!!! You self-praise in the cover letter, and then have no shame in qualifying yourself for the job. I feel its very 'fake' so i skip the whole writing cover letter part. I didn't write a cover letter for the job i'm currently working in too.

So if job application needs cover letter, i usually skip.

Where to find jobs? 

There are a lot of job agency websites in Singapore. The one i went to was Jobstreet and for me it didn't work at all. Out of the 35 jobs i applied, only 1 called and it was in this really ulu place and i hated the work environment cause i felt like i could get sick from breathing in bad air. I applied through as well but no replies too.

What i did was to look at the jobs opening on jobstreet and then apply the job directly from the company. So for example XX company is hiring on jobstreet. I will go to XX company website and apply directly there. Usually big companies will give you an optional button to attach cover letter/ other certifications. I only upload my transcript thats all. The process of applying a job is so much faster without cover letter.

Please tell me why we need to do a cover letter. lol.

For me, I applied my current job on the company website itself. I stalked their career page almost every alternative days to check on new openings. Once i find the position suitable, i apply.

Note to yourself: You should try your very best to apply ONLY THOSE JOBS THAT INTEREST YOU. Don't start to feel panic/stressed out when you've applied 50 jobs and no replies and start to mass send jobs application instead. Imagine you don't really like this company/job position/job roles/industry, but just because pay is not bad-maybe can tahan it mentality, you ruin your career advancement. You know what i mean? End of the day, if you really get into a job that u actually mass sent, you may either really like it or just hate it a lot.

Do a lookup of the company first. CHECKING THE COMPANY'S WORK LOCATION IS VERY IMPORTANT. For me, I only apply if work location is around town area because i know i will feel damn bad if i have to travel to e.g. Jurong/Kallang/Changi everyday to go to work! It is very dreadful and unmotivating! So google and check the company's work location.


I google about possible interview questions but i think first-hand experience teaches me the most. Below are the questions i gathered based on my experience: *Do note that i'm a fresh graduate. Questions asked are dedicated towards fresh graduates.

Before interview starts, when greeting the HR for the first time, you can bring a small convo

You: "Hi!"
Hr: "Hi, Please sit."
You: "Thanks! Have your breakfast/lunch?"
Hr: "oh yes i had. Thank you."
- This can ease the tension i think. At least make the hr and yourself feel more comfortable.

1. Tell me about yourself - speak 3-4 sentences and stop. "My name is xxx, xx years old, just graduated from xxx, have some work experience such as xxx and xxx. :D" If HR ask you carry on then carry on.

2. Please tell me why you study banking and finance but decided to come into this industry instead. -Out of 5 interviews, I was asked 3 times. "I want to work towards my passion. In this way, I will feel more motivated to work. Once you like something you do, you do it well. That's how i feel. :D"

3. Tell me more about your most recent job - Tell only those you think is a major part. Those kind of "i help to do filing, key in records" is very minor... can mention about this at the end but not the start.

4. Between this industry that you are applying and the previous industry that you worked, which one you prefer and why? - Open ended. Speak good about both industry but speak BETTER about this current industry that you are applying :D

5. So if given a choice, you will choose this industry or that industry? - Open ended. "Both are good industry. I won't omit that industry but my first priority is this industry. :) "

6. What do you know about your J D (i.e. job description) - Open ended. So try to rmb as much JD as possible and try to relate your past work experience to the current JD "i have some experience in this actually. I was in-charged of .... as well... very similar i think. "

7. How do you think you can improve our company? - This will only be used in SME i think. MNC usually won't ask this kind of question as there's SOP from head quarter to follow.

8. What do you see yourself in 3-5 years time? - Be honest. I mentioned I want to progress and be in the management team.

9. Any question to ask? - This is very important. Don't tell the hr that you have nothing to ask. Ask something! One good question is "What is the greatest challenge in this job?" This question lets the HR to think that you've consider perhaps the most difficult part of this job and know perhaps your limit / how to overcome the challenge. Please don't try to act smart and ask stupid question like ... Ok i can't think of any now. If you have any smart alec question, feel free to comment down below. haha.

You may be asked about political question!!!
10. If you have a new idea that can improve the efficiency of workload but your supervisor is old-fashioned and disapproves it, will you go to the higher management to bring up this new idea? - I was asked this and i tio stunned. LOL. Please comment down below how you would answer. I mentioned if it is something that i really believe in and it can help the company as a whole, i would go forward to suggest, but not openly in front of my supervisor.

11. You seem like a patient and well-poised person. Where is your patience limit? - I was asked this question. Again I didn't know what to answer. I mentioned "If i am badly accused of something in which i didn't do and it would tarnish my career advancement and reputation, that would be my patience limit i guess. We will have to see :) " Please let me know how you would answer this question! Comment down below.

12. All of your colleagues are against your idea but only your supervisor approves of it, will you go against all your colleagues or go with your supervisor? - Tough question. It took me a while to answer it. For this, i've already forgotten my answer. My stand is 'depends on situation' HAHA.

Anyway, i was drilled with political questions for about 20 minutes in one of the interviews i had. It was the longest interview i had. It was one hour 15 minutes long. But I'm sharing this because you never know if you'll be ask this too. haha.

Always smile during the interview. Show your passion and passion and passion. Be appropriate and representable. Don't be over tensed. End of the day the HR wants to see the real you and see if your personality fits into their team and job role or not. So really, just be yourself. If this super good company rejects you, then it is either your personality/experience is not suitable or they simply 看走眼. So don't be sad. The road will be straight once you cross over to the end of the bridge - 走到桥头自然直. Or think it as everything happens for a reason.

Had that previous company who interviewed me hired me, i wouldn't be able to work at where i am now. Sometimes, i feel glad that all those companies didn't call me / hire me. It was actually a good thing. haha.

Ok I have shared everything here. I hope this post cheers those who still haven't found a job and provides information to those who are finding jobs. Till then ~~~ xoxo.
Finding a job in Singapore (part 1)