Sunday, October 28, 2012

A song will remind you of something, someone.
A place will remind you of sweetness, bitterness.
A person will remind you of good, bad.
A memory will remind you how close you used to be with someone.

I am a sad person, if you don't know by now. But always trying to think positive. That's all.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Today's Question

Play it if you are not listening to music right now! (its my favourite song this month) 

I am at home now feeling lazy to do anything.

So i'm just sitting down on my sofa, waiting for 7pm to arrive and i will get ready for work at Playhouse tonight. It's just the second week of school and i already feel the stress coming along. I had so much motivation to get things done on the first day of school. But this motivation declines eventually as days pass! lol. Now i just don't feel like doing anything. Maybe i have to be in school for me to do my work properly. I think i know the reason why i can't do any homework now. It is because the tv is on infront of me. It distracts me from concentrating.

Today i'm suppose to do another shoot but i postponed it because of school work. Do stay tune! Waha. I'm not trying to be sexy here (for the shoot). I'm just doing the kind of shoot that i like to do. And i'm having a headache now. boo~ Since last night...

The question today is:

Is it alright to do something that you-know-it-might-work-but-still-go-ahead-thing?

Sometimes in life we face situations whereby we feel like we're stuck inbetween! Now close your eyes and think about one thing that made you feel like this before. *Rmb to close and open again and continue reading* It could be a relationship, it could be in school, it could be family problems and etc. Think of any?

Ok. Now, ask yourself. What did you do then? Did you go ahead with it or did you back off? If you went ahead, did it work in the end or did it not work? If you back off, did you regret it or did you not? If you could choose again, what will you do?

For me, i'm thinking about this time when i decided to go ahead and i knew it won't work. But i had a tiny hope for miracle. That tiny bit of hope... I was in a period of craziness. Did it work in the end? No :) it didn't, unfortunately... Did i regret going ahead when i know i will bleed? I kind of regretted because its foolish to know that you will cry and be heartbroken but still carry on with it. However, another part of me knew if it weren't these crying nights, i won't know heartache. I won't know how to deal with this kind of situation if i ever meet one in the future. I grow through the cryings.

If i would to choose again, will i still do it?

Yes i will. Only this time i will be more brave.

Try not to dwell too much in the past. That's why time only goes forward. Sometimes if you wanna dig it out and think about it. Yes you can. Cry a little and that's it. Tomorrow is a new day.  

Before i get too emotional, i should stop now.

Thanks for reading!
P:S/ If any girls need guestlists to Zirca, please feel free to contact me! Today is Friday! fb/dm me on twitter. 
Or contact Eugene Wong at his facebook acc :) . 

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

A little behind-the-scene

I will try to blog more often! Don't leave me alone! haha. If you see my previous photoshoots, i always have some behind-the-scene photo to be shared. I just like to watch the whole process of a photoshoot. So here they are! I definitely won't post everything if not nobody will be surprised when the real pictures are up! 

I'm really lucky to have this shoot with the photographer. He comes from France and is very experienced in photography. Best, he speaks French. And i learnt basic French in school before! So i can just say 'Comment allez vous? Tres Bien, E'toi, Merci.' LOL. 
And this 

Travaillons durement pour un meilleur futur. ❤

My friend told me sth on whatsapp that day. "I know what's your best asset." And i replied, "Yea? My butt?" And he said, "How you know?!" ... I know it because my mother told me this too. LOL. But too bad, my boobs don't really match with my ass... Its a little smaller. 

Its a very sensitive topic for some of you here. But well, u can choose not to read! Or just get use to me :) Araso? (Yeap, i'm learning Korean now. Already in stage 2)

I swear this position is very difficult. Modeling is never easy... I can do better than this.

Okay that's all, i can't reveal anymore. I can't wait for him to finish editing the pics. 

By the way, find me at Playhouse this Thurs, Fri or Sat! I will be working at here. But i hope you girls can go Zirca too. Please quote my name 'Kacey' under ladies guest list for free entry to Zirca on Wed, Fri and Sat !!! If you have any problems, don't hesitate to call/text me (if you have my number) or pm me on fb/twitter :) 

See you guys soon 

'btw, fact, when a girl is interested in a guy, you can see it because she will unintentionally show her wrist.' Watch out for it guys :) 

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Its from my heart...

Pardon me if the words i'm using are harsh. I just want to voice out my opinion and vent out my anger here.


I can't really describe how mad i am now because i think no words could describe it. I really hate betrayers and i really really can't stand people with stupidity. I am a very easily hot-tempered person and i am very impatient. That's why i hate to wait for people to finish packing their fucking small bags and go have lunch together. I don't have the time to wait for you.

I was saying i hate betrayers. AND I HATE MY JOB. I really want to quit but for the sake of this good pay, i can't help but to betray myself and continue working. Maybe i'm dumb but what can i do? I'm not born rich. Maybe my family was rich before but all that is another story. So because i am not born rich, i do things more serious than others. I think more than others. I evaluate a lot of things before i do something. U can say i'm selfish and whatever shit but i do this because i don't want to be like my mother and father. I want to have something that i want since i was young. And i want to fulfill all my small little wishes made when i was young. I'm certainly not gonna entertain people with lousy attitude and stupid people too. So for example, i don't like to hang out! Not that i don't like to but its because i will consider factors like transportation fee, things i have to spend on when i meet a friend like drinks/food and etc. I really would rather stay at home and watch tv all day long than to go out. YOU KNOW THE TRANSPORTATION FEE FROM MY HOUSE TO ORCHARD TO AND FRO IS AROUND $3??? And $3 can buy me fried bee hoon for dinner. Or i can buy my Korean noodles for $1.20 and add with some kimchi and that's a meal for me already.

Not that i don't like to hang out with friends but i really can't afford to spend something when i can spend it on other better things instead. TALK ABOUT COST OF OPPORTUNITY.

I'm a very friendly person but if you get on my nerve, i will start to dislike you. Maybe i won't show because i think i treat everyone the same. But seriously, i can hate you. And then maybe a few months later, i will start to neutral my negative feelings... BUT IT TAKES MONTHS. I always tell myself to FORGIVE AND FORGET but i feel like i can't do it! I especially can't forgive people whom have done something that is not good towards me, physically or mentally. CAUSE THIS IS LIKE A BOMB SUDDENLY DROP ON ME. If you know what you are doing can be wrong but u still do it, THEN PLEASE GO AND FUCK URSELF AFTER THAT. I will hate you for doing such a thing to me. AND I REALLY HATE MY JOB WHEN I TALK ABOUT THIS NOW!!!

I see all fake face people and they are always 'smiling'... I see a lot of them outside too. Actually i think everyone is like this. ALL BECAUSE OF THIS TERRIBLE SOCIETY. MONEY IS SIMPLY TOO DIFFICULT TO GIVE UP. We need money to survive so we need to fake our face and please other people when in our mind we think it is shit! You agree? You don't? Think about it before you make the decision.

You think a billionaire will fake a smile to please you??? Well unless you are way richer than him/her...

But what's the use of me saying all these now? Only i can help myself from this hell... I hate coming home because i see people i don't want to see. I hate this feeling of wanting to love but can't love because i don't wanna get hurt. And all those fucking lies... I have enough of this crappy life and i want to change it.

Don't think i am living well all because i post smiley faces pictures on my blog. THOSE ARE ONLY TEMPORARY SMILES. Deep down i know i'm not at all like this. I wish i can be born better and i wonder why am i even born? Why can't i just stay dying and not be born again??? Or maybe just let me stay in heaven... There are many times i lost confidence of people and society. I almost hated everyone.

I know a lot of people make use of their friends. When they need something, they will find you. When they don't, they forget you. These are not friends. These are just passer bys in your life. I honestly am not a good friend either because i am too busy worrying for myself. I can't even let myself live in peace then how can i have the energy to worry for others??? We are all selfish creatures. This is what life if. If you wanna be strong, you have to be tough and fight through all obstacles.

Many times you will meet fuckers, but remember these fuckers are the ones who can make you strong. When you succeed, these fuckers will always remain fuckers even though they helped you to become strong. Then its time to forgive because you see them as pieces of shit now... You can't possibly hate shits right? Just imagine them as shit and you will feel better trust me. There are people who are not worth our kindness. If you want people to fake a smile and please u instead, do better than them.

That's my piece of advice.

*If theres any grammar or spelling mistakes, don't mind because i write whatever comes out from my mind...

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

MiWi's shoot

Hello everybody, 

I am blogging! LOL. I really have nothing to do at home besides cooking my meals and watching tv. Sometimes, i do housework too. Actually, i am doing it most of the times now. Wait till school reopens, i swear i won't have the time for all these. 

So anw, i did a shoot for MiWi again! Being working with them for a few photoshoot sessions so far. Very friendly people. 

They are currently looking for a girl to manage their wholesale store at City Plaza located at Paya Lebar! 
Its $5-6/hr. Only need to work on Friday, 11am to 4-5pm. 
If any girls is interested, please feel free to drop me a message with subject title: Job in MiWi 
Attach a photo of yourself too. If not, send me your facebook link. :) 

Loving this shoe from Charles and Keith. I am wearing this almost every time! Its comfortable and sexy. 

Now their office is filled with clothes! Haha. Lots of new clothes! 

I am loving these 3 pieces that i wore. If only i can figure out how to wear it as nice without heels...cause i prefer wearing flats out lately. And flats with dress is a little off...unless i'm 170cm. SIGH. Can i even be 165cm??? 

I pray to god everyday when i was young that i wanna be a supermodel with a height of 170cm. I have so much faith that i know i'm gonna be very tall when i grow up. Until one day, i realized both my parents are shorties. Brr~~ i am already slightly taller than my father when i put on my heels. what the shit. So there goes my supermodel dream. "Byebye" DDD; 

Today i felt great because i laughed at people's bad acting skills. Its really 'acting' rather than 'acting'. I prefer Hong Kong's dramas so much more than Singapore's! Seriously! They need to stop giving us boring dramas! The only one that i like was '小娘惹'. That was so long ago...when i was having my O lvls. 

I cooked Japanese Curry and watched a movie at home. I went online and searched for supermodels youtube videos. LOL. Just joking about that, i didn't do it. I went facebook and twitter. And now i'm blogging. 

Hope everyone had a nice Mid Autumn Festival last week! I had a really bad one though because i cried. I had a father which seems to me like i don't have one. I have a mother but she is in Hong Kong... I have a sister but she is in China... Its okay to feel lonely sometimes. I understand that. And for every thing that happens, there's a reason behind it. And i always believe if god takes sth away from me, he will give me back something. Maybe its something that i don't really want, but its definitely something that a lot people wish they have. RIGHT?  

But i wish god gives me infinite happiness from now on! Don't give up guys! I'm here with you!